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Bobby and Charlie

We welcome visitors to our farm. Our huge draft horses are magnificent and exciting to watch as they work. The hens will delight you as they charge across the farm, take their dust baths or just hang out with their rooster escorts. See if you can out-shout the geese or catch the ducks taking a snooze with their heads tucked under their wings.  Our nine Alpine goats may nuzzle with you or show off their gymnastics while you’re here.  Copper  and Frieda Rose are our two rescued dogs who might like a moment with you to have their ears scratched, if you’d be so kind. If there’s no answer at the door, come find us in the barn or in the garden.  You may also “Honk for a Farmer” and we’ll come to greet you.  We ask that you call ahead (816-304-8224) to be sure we’re here and have time to show you the gardens and introduce the animals. We do charge $3 per person for organized tours due to the time involved to prepare and walk the farm with you.  This is time we have devoted to the animals and our gardens.

How to Find Us:

  • Directions: We are just East on 92 Highway from Exit 18 off Interstate 29. Go east about a mile and a half. Watch for a WATER TOWER on your left, the pond, a tree swing, a flagpole, and our new street sign on our farm. See our location on Google Maps* with an aerial view. The farm is just south of the water tower and east of the pond on the aerial map. * Our listed street address (marked “B” on the Google Map provided) does not sync with Google’s map pointers at this time, so please use the explicit map directions linked above, created with geo-survey data which brings you to our door from I-29.

Call us:

Main number:  816 . 270 . 2177 or 816 . 304 . 8224, for urgent calls.

E-mail us: