Our “Harvest Table” Market Days

“Bring your table closer to the farm!” And get to know the farmer who grows your food.  This is an opportunity to eat the freshest food you can find for your family—unless it’s in your own back yard.  It’s healthy too, grown with no chemicals of any kind.  Our small farm supports healthy families and sustainable farming practices.

In 2017 we’re continuing the idea of a farm market with a member relationship.  This is not a CSA model in which families pay the farmer up front for weekly shares harvested over the whole season and share the risks of unpredictable growing conditions.  Significant drought conditions in our region can lead to production uncertainty.

So to reduce risk for our members, we offer our Farm Market Day approach.  This is a “bins and baskets” approach to sharing the harvest straight from the garden gate.  Your vegetables will be fresh as the morning, right out of the ground, field-sorted and minimally farm-washed. They will include all sizes – just as nature provides. See our “Harvest Table” Market Features to learn more about all the special benefits of joining and supporting our farm in 2017.

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