Teikei Garden
  •  Weekly market day e-mail announcements, listing produce and prices.
  • Flexibility in pick-up arrangements; pre-ordering.
  • First choice of produce and quantity.
  • Opportunities to harvest your own green beans and tomatoes.
  • Free-range eggs and farm honey, as available.
  • Access to organically-grown fruits and naturally-raised meats from other small farmers.
  • CSA canning and dehydrator equipment for member use; large cider press for members’ ciders and juices.
  • Farm and garden activities, such as the “Mulberry Sheet Shake.”
  • Spring Field Day and Fall Harvest Celebration with buggy rides. 
  • A monthly newsletter, Farm Guild Report to Shareholders.
  • Discounted wagon or buggy rides for family events in the Gathering Grove.

Our Market Day approach incorporates your commitment to our farm with a small pre-payment for your vegetables.  This $200 pre-payment includes a $15 servicing and packaging fee and $185 for your first vegetable purchases. 

Once you spend down your pre-payment you can buy as you go, or you can pre-pay another amount for your convenience.  You’ll have your own receipt book to keep track of your spending.

We are accepting a limited number of Guild memberships this season and will add families to our roster as applications and payments are received.  You may propose a payment plan to have your payment made in full by mid-March.


The Karbaumer Farm is a grower member of the Kansas City Food Circle.

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