Sweet potato leaves cut from vines, leaving the stem on the vine and rinsed thoroughly
Olive oil
Onion, sliced
Garlic, chopped
Thinly sliced chili peppers, optional
Cayenne, optional
Red pepper flakes, optional
Several tomatoes, chunked
Potatoes, diced and cooked
Peas, fresh or frozen
Cashews, roasted (or not)
Dried apricots, cut into strips

Pour very small amount of olive oil in large pan to coat the bottom and heat.  Add onions, garlic and peppers, if used.  Add seasoning and tomatoes.  As the ingredients begin to stick to the bottom of the pan, pour in small amounts of water to allow them to cook down, but not so much they’re floating.  Put potatoes and peas in the pan and stir to heat through.  Stir in all the sweet potato leaves at once and cook until tender, mixing and adding small amounts of water to keep from sticking.  Do not overcook.  Immediately before serving add cashews and apricot strips.  Stir to warm.  Serve.  More cashews could be added as garnish.