“Honest to Nature” Eggs

Our free-ranging, pasture-grazing hens can roam freely over the farm from the minute their chicken feet hit the ground every morning until the sunset tells them, “Lights out!” Their little safaris take them in pursuit of legumes, seeds, bugs and grit. In summer, they can wander down to the pond’s edge for a worm or two and stalk the pesky grasshoppers, jumping back when one of them pops up at them. During warmer “salad days,” they can enrich their diets with lovely fresh nutrients from the tiny blades of grass they find and handfuls of radish tops, beet greens and broken spinach leaves the farmers toss to them for chicken dessert.

Recently we have been protecting the hens from predators by keeping them in pens and giving them chopped grasses, garden refuse and vegetables.  Coyotes and chicken hawks have significantly diminished our flock.  Although we are against pens, we have concluded this temporary measure is better for our hens than death by coyote or death by chicken hawk.  We will be installing higher, more secure fencing and we’ll cover some areas over with netting to prevent chicken hawks from snatching our hens.

Eggs from pasture-raised chickens are said to be almost twice as rich in vitamin E, four times richer in essential omega-3 fatty acids and two to six times richer in beta-carotene than eggs from large confinement operations. By some reports, these farm eggs even have half as much cholesterol as “conventional” eggs. A more nutritious, healthier egg! You can taste the difference! We use no antibiotics or hormones. We may supplement our hens’ diets with organically grown non-GMO grains such as wheat and milo from local farmers.

Duck eggs!

We raise ducks for their eggs, too! Like the hens, they have a farm-rich diet with added grains from local farms.     If you’d like to buy eggs at the farm, you may call ahead:  816-270-2177.


From time to time you can also buy our eggs at The Local Pig, 2618 Guinotte Ave. in Kansas City.  The Local Pig is a charcuterie dedicated to locally sourced and humanely raised meats.


We are licensed egg producers in Missouri.